Maxwell Newhouse
carbon furniture
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Maxwell Newhouse
Carbon furniture

Working with driftwood is rewarding, using raw recycled wood to build, but it is generally all the same light color. Following design trends it occurred to me black is not only a trendy color, but every room should have a dark accent. This lead to my new Carbon series created using the Japanese process shou shugi ban. Burnt black wood is extraordinary in its color and texture.

The finish I put on the wood, does not allow for any transfer of color or odor from the burning process. It gives the finished product a deep ebony luster, I call it Carbon Furniture. My furniture evokes casual yet rustic, even a modern flair, suitable for cottage life, ski chalet, or contemporary homes and apartments. Bringing the outdoors into your living space, with re-purposed wood, creates a balance of style and elegance. This type of black burnt finish (carbon) is popular in design circles around the world.

Newhouse’s paintings an inspiration for symphony
Maxwell Newhouse’s work is taking a trip across Canada, and will be making several stops along the way.

The Cultus Lake artist’s four-piece painting, Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag, was the inspiration behind a new symphony written by Canadian composer John Burge.
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Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag series inspires the Burge Newhouse project for 2017  Trusty Time
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2010 Counting on Snow
Top of the Crop 2010. Hublot Replica
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Lets Go For A Ride
Launch of Lets Go For A Ride book.Omega Replica UK
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CBC Radio Vinyl Café
I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Stuart McLean host of the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.
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