Maxwell Newhouse
Maxwell Newhouse
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Maxwell Newhouse

Painting is very important to me; the need to paint is what keeps me going I feel very lucky to be able to express myself through my art work. Painting and documenting memories in my life that are funny, sad and just plain interesting.

Growing up I had a happy, but difficult childhood. I lost two brothers, one due to illness, the other due to a motor vehicle accident. To cope with these events, I painted the good times to keep the happy feelings alive. This gave me confidence and strength, while keeping their memoirs current.

Now I paint, for the sheer joy, and to share my vision with the children who read my books and enjoy my pictures. And in turn I hope to encourage them to express themselves.

Maxwell Newhouse painting - Drive In Maxwell Newhouse painting - Whistler
Maxwell Newhouse painting Maxwell Newhouse painting - RCMP Ride
Maxwell Newhouse painting - Trading Places Maxwell Newhouse painting - Four Ladies with Bates

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Newhouse’s paintings an inspiration for symphony
Maxwell Newhouse’s work is taking a trip across Canada, and will be making several stops along the way.

The Cultus Lake artist’s four-piece painting, Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag, was the inspiration behind a new symphony written by Canadian composer John Burge.
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Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag series inspires the Burge Newhouse project for 2017  Trusty Time
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2010 Counting on Snow
Top of the Crop 2010. Hublot Replica
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Lets Go For A Ride
Launch of Lets Go For A Ride book.Omega Replica UK
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CBC Radio Vinyl Café
I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Stuart McLean host of the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.
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