Maxwell Newhouse
Maxwell Newhouse
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Along with his passion for painting and writing, he loves to build interesting and intriguing furniture with the abundance of driftwood he finds on the shorelines of British Columbia.

Art is a way of life for Maxwell; he has painted and made crafts with driftwood since he was a young child and does not feel complete without stretching his artistic license. This furniture gives him what he needs pure creativity.

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The technique is simple; he allows the wood to shape his creation. Seeing pieces of wood on the beach he immediately knows where it will fit and what he can make with it before he even gets it home. "It's like shopping," he often says. "I find a piece of wood, and I can see many uses for it, to complete a piece I'm working on or start a new one."

Many of Maxwell's pieces have gone to various homes in the US and Canada. One of his most famous locations is the Wickaninnish Inn on Vancouver Island. Every room has a chair as well as numerous interesting pieces though out the Inn.

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