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Let's Go For A Ride

They make strange noises. They belch smoke. There are far too many of them. But from the very beginning, we have always been crazy about our cars. In this visual love-song to a much-maligned part of our lives, Maxwell Newhouse gives us a whimsical, quirky, and very personal history of the cars he adores.

In the early days, cars were primarily a source of recreation. They shared unpaved roads with horses and wagons and when they ran out of gas - which was often because there were few gas stations - horses had to pull them home. Driving mania soon began to shape the landscape. Cars begat gas stations, that sparked the popularity of family camping, going to the drive-in, and fast food. They even spawned bridges so that people could ford rivers in the comfort of their cars. Maxwell Newhouse has captured their spirit perfectly. Even now, when we all try to walk, use public transit, or ride bikes, there is still something thrilling in the cry, "Let's go for a ride!"

Maxwell Newhouse is one of Canada's most accomplished folk artists. His work is exhibited in galleries across Canada. He is well known for his paintings of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride, which were gathered together for the first time in his most recent book, The RCMP Musical Ride. He has illustrated several books for Tundra including, Emily Carr: At the Edge of the World, written by Jo Ellen Bogart. He lives in Cultus Lake, British Columbia.

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Praise for The RCMP Musical Ride:
"Newhouse has created folk art illustrations that evoke the pageantry of 'the ride', while filling each page with details and fun for the reader." -Brandon Sun

Praise for Emily Carr: At the Edge of the World
"...this is a gorgeous look at the Canadian artist's life..." -School Library Journal

"This book is a lovely introduction to a major artist." -The Bloomsbury Review

For more information on this book please view the Bushlen Mowatt Gallery in Vancouver where the book was launched.

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Newhouse’s paintings an inspiration for symphony
Maxwell Newhouse’s work is taking a trip across Canada, and will be making several stops along the way.

The Cultus Lake artist’s four-piece painting, Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag, was the inspiration behind a new symphony written by Canadian composer John Burge.
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Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag
Canadian Flag series inspires the Burge Newhouse project for 2017  Trusty Time
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2010 Counting on Snow
Top of the Crop 2010. Hublot Replica
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Lets Go For A Ride
Launch of Lets Go For A Ride book.Omega Replica UK
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CBC Radio Vinyl Café
I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Stuart McLean host of the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.
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